Questions to Consider

Here are a few questions to consider when you are in the planning stage. These questions will be very important for you and informative for us as we help you select the right product for your space.


1. Is your job new construction or remodel?  - Knowing whether the countertops will be for a newly constructed home or a remodeled home allows us to determine how the home is constructed and how the countertops will need to be installed.


2. Are your cabinets finishes the same or new?  -  Do you have a sample of our cabinet? This is key for determining a complementary style of granite or quartz.


3. Where is your countertop located?  -  Kitchen, Bath, Fireplace, Other


4. What is the budget for your job?  -  At Affordable Granite and Marble, we are able to come up with a variety of solutions to fit any budget.


5. What type of product are you looking for?  -  Natural granite, Quartz, Marble


6. What factors can affect the price of granite/quartz/marble?  Size (use drawing to estimate), Color, Edge


7. How many, type, and location of cutouts?  Cook top, Stove, Faucet, Sink

Granite / Quartz Countertops Installation Cost Estimate

If you would like a cost estimate for installation of granite countertops or quartz countertops, please use this page to give us the measurements of your countertop area, edge style, and the color of granite or quartz, and we will be happy to give you a free estimate. This is for estimates only. Before you buy, one of our installers will come to your home or business to confirm the measurements.

How to Calculate The Square Footage of Countertops


Standard Width of Countertop = 25.5 Inches

Standard Height of Splash = 4 Inches



- Total Splash Length X 4" = Total Square Inches of Splash

- Total Square Inches of Splash ÷ 144 = Total Square Feet



- Length of Counter X 25.5 Inches = Total Square Inches of Counter

- Total Square Inches of Counter ÷ 144 = Total Square Feet